700 Club

// November 11th, 2009 // Adam Dunlap, Parkour

Three day ago on November 4th, my story was aired nationally on ABC Family in a feature created for The 700 Club in accordance with the CBN. Embedded below is the video that aired.

I will admit that at this point in time I have only watched the parts where I was doing Parkour. I specifically avoided watching any part where I was talking because as weird as it may sound, and as exciting as it may seem to be on national television, I just can’t stand seeing myself on TV! Anyways, my mother told me “you need to be aware of how you come across on camera.”..? She’s right but I still don’t plan to watch it. It’s like torture!

The interview I did for this feature lasted about half an hour. A lot of what I said was edited out (or so I hear ;-) With that said though, I wanted to make sure to give a special thanks to Purity Products. They are a fantastic nutritional supplement company that has sponsored me for over two years now. There were there when I first started taking my health into my own hands and I firmly believe that their products have been one of the most influential components in my recovery and successfully staying health ever since. I also would like to thank Jordan S. Rubin for his inspiration and for his book The Makers Diet which single handedly led me to make the changes in my diet which have been foundational to my health transformation.

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