is Officially Here!

// August 8th, 2010 // Other is finally here! Two years to the day after I posted my first blog on, I have created a new website and transferred all the content to the new domain (I just realized this actually and it was purely coincidental). Having this site on was part of my initial hope and design more than two years ago when I first conceptualized this site, and I am ecstatic to finally have the site featured on this domain!

A couple things about the new site:

#1. I transferred all the blog posts from to this dot-com, but I didn’t read any of them. As such, if there are noticeable grammatical errors and formatting errors I do apologize. I’m actually willing to bet that if errors do exist they are quite likely NOT a result of a poor transfer but rather the direct reflection of my writing abilities two years ago. Let’s hope that since then I’ve learned enough to make as many mistake ;-)

#2. Along with a new site design (and a new content management system) I updated all the page information including My Story, Mission & Goals, and Disclaimer to more accurately reflect the sites new purpose and goal. Make sure to check this out even if you’re not new to the site.

#3. Unlike the previous, there is not a forum on this site. I figured there are enough of those on the web that we don’t need people spending time to create yet profile for this site. If you have questions, ideas, or comments, please direct them to another Crohn’s forum or you can always contact me directly.

With this new site comes a renewed energy, and I am excited to perpetuate that with information, news, media, and perspectives, that inspire and direct you and other readers towards life changing answers.

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