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With a new layout and organization to this site I wanted to make sure I started things off by succinctly explaining what this site is and why it is here. In recapping this site I present to you the Who, What, and Why of as well as a couple other answers to commonly asked questions:

What is is a site created to bring hope and inspiration to those suffering from Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS and other intestinal disorders, empowered by the belief that contrary to popular medical literature, there is a cure for all of these.

Who created this site?
My name is Adam Dunlap, and I am the founder of The majority of the content on has been written by myself. The pictures and videos on the site are of me as well. I’ll soon be uploading pictures of myself before my health transformation so you can see what a change I really have experienced!

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in December 2004. What was initially an unfortunate diagnosis with a bleak prognsis has turned into an amazing health experience that I am compelled to share. Contrary to traditional treatment outlooks and the general prognosis for those diagnosed with Crohn’s, I have since had a full recovery from the disorder and I no longer take any medication. I feel fantastic from head to toe, and I believe that the health transformation I have experienced is something anyone with Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS or other intestinal disorders can experience as well.

Other Questions and Answers:

What is a Crohnie?
A Crohnie is someone with Crohn’s. I have a handful of friends that have been diagnosed with similar intestinal disorders such as Ulcerative Colitis, and given the similarities of these common intestinal disorders, I consider anyone that has had one of these or does have one to be a “Crohnie”.

Isn’t your claim of there being a “cure for Crohn’s” a little bold?
It may seem that way, but such is the way all truth appears when it stands in opposition to majority opinion. I believe in what I write wholeheartedly, because what I write about is what I have experienced personally.

With the site’s new layout and my renewed  focus to it, I’ll be consistently adding as much new content to as I can. For now there is already a lot here, so if you have other questions about me or this site take a look around. Three pages that you may find exceedingly informational are the following:

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  • My Story
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