I’m Back!

// August 1st, 2010 // Adam Dunlap, Cooking, Drinking Fluids, Food

A long hiatus and much work on other projects has brought me full circle and back to Crohnies.net! I have only posted on this site 3 times in the last 14ish months, and with a new found energy, focus, and time, I plan to change that by posting weekly (at the least).

My health has continued to remain steady over the past year+ with only one prominent change to me/my diet and two news updates to discuss which I will briefly explain:

#1. I passed the two year mark of not taking any Crohn’s medication! (To be exact, at this point I have actually gone 2 years and 4.5 months without it). Crohn’s is now so far removed from my daily life that I go weeks without even remembering that I had it. Crohn’s changed the way I live today, but its presence is no longer a daily influencer of my mood, health or diet and I couldn’t be happier.

#2. We now own Crohnies.com! When I first set out to create this site I wanted it to be “Crohnies.com”. However, at the time the domain was registered so the I made the decision to build this site on Crohnies.net. I am very pleased to say that after much effort we have acquired the dot-com domain! Now, if you type in Crohnies.com in your web browser, you will find this site. In the future I plan to change the entire location of the site to Crohnies.com as originally planned, but for now the originally desired domain will stay on a forward command that sends searches here – to the dot-net.

#3. My diet has changed substantially in the past 3 months! Due to recent ideas and the strong influence of friends, my diet now includes a much larger variety of fruits and vegetables amongst other recent changes such as a cutback in grain and meat consumption. I’ll be posting more about the specifics of my diet here in the coming days, so for now I’ll give you a few pictures of what my usual meals look like:

(Click for larger images)

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